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The Mighty Shane Football Club is one of the oldest and most storied clubs in Taipei. Started in 1998 as a simple pub team of Shane English teachers, the club has grown into one of the most prominent clubs in Taiwan, and a mainstay in the East Asian football scene.


Based in Taipei, Taiwan, and backed by the most popular pub in the city, MSFC trains regularly and competes in the On Tap Premier League, as well as various tournaments in and around Taiwan.


While football is at the core of MSFC, we also enjoy the social side of playing on an amateur football team with teammates from around the world. Players and fans of the Mighty Shane go out regularly for drinks, curries, EPL and CL games, surfing, kick abouts, golf, and more. 


We are always looking for new players, so if you live or are going to live in or around Taipei, get in touch via the contact page.



The On Tap Premier League is a football league formed of thirteen Taipei-based teams. The OTPL season traditionally runs from March through November. Games are played nearly every Sunday morning/afternoon on several pitches across the city. Most of the teams are made up of expats, but there have been Taiwanese teams in the past, and there are many Taiwanese players scattered throughout. 


The OTPL is MSFC's primary competition, as we fight off those Sunday morning hangovers and turn up to play every week.


The Mighty Shane are one of the founding members of the league, and were league champions in 2012.

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Every year, there are several tournaments that take place in and around Taiwan. These are usually one or two-day events played by teams from all over Taiwan and East Asia. The Mighty Shane FC try to compete in as many of these as possible, as they are always a great time out.


Recent Tournaments:


- Taipei Tournament

- Tainan Tournament

- BCCT 6v6

- Taichung Tournament

- Manila Cup

- Kaohsiung Kup


The Mighty Shane train every Thursday evening from 8:00 to 10:00. Training sessions are held at the WanHua Sports Center near Beimen MRT station. 


Players who want extra training or can't make the Thursday night sessions can go to any one of the other training sessions going on in the city.


Although midweek training sessions are not required, MSFC players are strongly encouraged to attend when they can, as the extra practice will only benefit the individual players and the club.


There is also the opportunity for a cheeky pint after the sessions!


Dry your eyes!

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