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OTPL Player Registration

New to the 2016 edition of the On Tap Premier League is the implementation of player registration cards. Prior to playing his first league game, each player must fill out a waiver, which will protect the league from liability in the event of an injury. The player must also pay a league registration fee to the tune of $150 NT. This officially registers the player to play in the OTPL.

The money collected by the league will go to lowering league fees for the second half of the season. This includes pitch rentals, officiating costs, balls, flags, etc.

In return for the $150 NT, each player will receive an official OTPL registration card, which entitles him to $100 NT beers at On Tap. This arrangement is win-win, as players will make their money back after only three beers, and On Tap (MSFC and the league's sponsor) will see their generosity repaid through increased patronage. Players can choose from San Miguel Light, Super Bock, Singha, Moosehead, and Taiwan Beer, all of which are hallmarks of a Mighty Shane night out.

The new player registration program will go a long way towards making the league more organized, including more accurate statistics, diciplinary actions, and transfers.

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