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Mighty Shane FC Enter 2016 BCCT Tournament

The annual BCCT 6v6 Tournament, which is hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce and normally takes place in June, is set to be played on March 26 this year. Although the change of date announcement was made relatively late, twelve teams from around Taipei have been entered into the brackets. Having won the tournament several times in recent years, including last year's edition, the Mighty Shane have duly entered two teams.

The tournament is held every year on a Saturday at the Taipei European School in Tianmu. The school's campus features two artificial 6v6 pitches. Usually, there are food, drinks, and beer available for purchase near the pitches.

The change in date does pose a bit of a problem for MSFC, as the club will kick off its first game of the 2016 OTPL campaign the following day against JFC. However, the tournament is always too good of a time to pass up, and hopefully it will give the MSFC players a final opportunity to shake off the rust before Sunday's kickoff.

You can see the Mighty Shane in action in the BCCT Tournamet on Saturday, March 26 at the Taipei European School.

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