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MSFC to Take on JFC in OTPL Season Opener

The Mighty Shane's 2016 OTPL season is finally set to kick off as they are scheduled to face JFC this Sunday in what should be a tense encounter.

While MSFC have not yet played an OTPL fixture this season, JFC have already had an exciting game with former league champions, Daan. The tie resulted in a 5-2 scoreline, with Daan taking home the spoils. All was on display that day, from tantalizing tika-taka football to disastrous defending.

The inconsistent showing gives Shaners little clue as to what kind of JFC side we'll be facing, and with the Mighty Shane also participating in the annual BCCT International 6v6 Tournament the day before, the result will be anyone's guess.

You can watch the Mighty Shane in action Sunday, March 27 at 3:00 at the Fuhe Park football complex.


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