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2016 BCCT Tournament Squads Announced

With the annual BCCT International 6v6 Tournament looming, the Mighty Shane have announced the squads the club has entered into the competition. As is the case almost every year, the club has entered two teams to vie for the top prize. The two teams are aptly named Shane, and Mighty FC. The teams are an interesting blend of the fresh and familiar.

Shane boasts the presence of stalwart goalkeeper Spencer Hagist between the sticks, with veterans John Dixon, Zach Paruch, and Gerry McNally. The recent additions to the team, Ronan Popert and Romano Theunissen, along with newcomer Adam Urban, round out a very strong-looking side.

Mighty FC has the once-capped Oscar Delgado in goals, with MSFC captain Jamie Smith, "Dapper" Dan Wilkinson, and Eugenio Diniz making up a fearsome defensive core. Newcomer James McGuirk, Juan Ardila, Andy Smith, and KC Liang make up the rest of a hugely competitive team.

Will a Mighty Shane team take home top prize again this year? Conventional wisdom says that whichever team has Gerry McNally takes the prize, but Mighty FC, as well as the rest of the tournament field, might have something to say about that.

See these teams and many more in action in the BCCT 6v6 Tournament this Saturday at 1:00 at the Taipei European School in Tianmu.

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