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MSFC Triumph in BCCT Tournament

The 2016 edition of the BCCT International 6v6 Tournament was played without a hitch on Saturday, with the Mighty Shane teams both having successful campaigns.

The 'Shane' team drew their first group game of the tournament and won the second, leaving them tied for first in their group. As all stats were even between the top two teams, tournament advancement was left to a coin toss, which Shane unfortunately lost. From there, it was the plate tournament. Shane went on to win their semifinal 4-0, ultimately losing the plate final in a penalty shootout.

The 'Mighty FC' team was a bit more unlucky, losing their first game under unfortunate circumstances. A draw in their second game confined Mighty FC to the bowl tournament, which they went on to win.

Despite some less than desired results on the pitch, it was a great day out for the Mighty Shane, who look forward to the tournament every year. Next year, we will aim to take back our tournament championship once more.

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