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MSFC Defeat Taipei Warriors in Controversial League Tie

On Sunday, April 10, the Mighty Shane lined up for their second league game of the 2016 OTPL season. After falling unexpectedly to JFC 0-3 in their league opener, changes had to be made to prevent another setback. Tactically a mess in the first game, Shane reverted to a more stable 4-4-2, with midfielders Sam Thompson and Brian McGuinness starting in unfamiliar striker roles.

The game was fairly wide open at the start, with both teams enjoying stints of possession early on. That all changed at around the fifteen minute mark, as a long range shot by midfielder Zach Paruch was fortuitously headed into the net by a Warriors' defender.

Shortly after the first goal, the Mighty Shane struck again, this time courtesy of Jamie Smith. Shane won a corner, which was subsequently delivered high and fast into the box. It was Jamie Smith who rose highest, nodding the ball expertly past the keeper and into the bottom corner.

Suddenly finding themselves two goals down, the Warriors began taking their frustrations out on the Shane players, the referee, and even themselves. Dangerous challenges flew in left and right, and the referee slowly lost control of the game.

On the thirty minute mark, right back Rory Foye collected the ball on the right side, skipped past two markers, and delivered a world class, cross-field through ball to left winger Daniel Busquets. Daniel expertly controlled the ball and calmly guided the ball around the onrushing Warriors goalkeeper. 3-0 Mighty Shane.

From there, an already chaotic fixture devolved into madness, as Warriors players began aggressively berating the referee and throwing themselves into dangerous challenges with alarming frequency. Finally, at the 36 minute mark, the official had had enough and called time on the game.

Confused players from both teams surrounded the official looking for answers which were not forthcoming. The game was officially abandoned, and the fate of the tie would be determined by the League Board and the Disciplinary Committee. Rumors of a replay were murmured, but in the end, the league sided with the Mighty Shane and granted the team the win, as well as awarding the accompanying three points.

The disciplinary committee is still deliberating on whether the Warriors will be sanctioned for their actions.

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