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Shane Order New Kits for Reformatted OTPL Season

With the start of the 2018 OTPL season just around the corner, preparations are being made behind the scenes across the league table.

For starters, the league managers and representatives have voted to break the OTPL into two divisions, with a promotion/relegation system in place to promote competition and parity. It will also keep league fees down, and ensure that we are no longer subjected to the midsummer Taipei heat – as the newly devised two-division play will run parallel to the European football season from September to May.

In order to determine fair division placement for the inaugural two-tiered OTPL season, there will be a qualifying round of fixtures starting February 4. Each team will play all of the other 13 teams one time. Following this round of games, the top seven teams in the table will be placed in Division 1, while the bottom seven teams will be placed in Division 2.

With everything to play for in these opening fixtures, competition will be fierce. The Mighty Shane have moved quickly and made some shrewd signings to add depth and firepower to an already strong and improving side. Having finished 7th in the league in 2017, the boys will surely have their eyes on a Division 1 berth.

To accommodate the influx of new players – and to start the retooled OTPL season in style – Shane have ordered new kits. However, team management has been tightlipped regarding their make, color, and style. Will they continue with clean, white kits like those sported over the last two years, or revert back to a classic Shane yellow? Or will they go back to the original vertical black and white stripes? Perhaps they'll finally make a move for the annually-touted pink kits.

Whatever the case, the Shane boys are sure to be looking and playing their best when the qualifying round kicks off in only three (!) weeks' time.

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